Purpose Economy Changing Business With Women Leaders – Purpose Economy Women Entrepreneurs – Marie Claire

In India, China, North Africa, Cuba, and the Middle East, she witnessed women who were making incredible goods, but were unable to get paid for their work because of issues in the supply chain. “Even in the middle class in these countries, credit cards, Paypal is very expensive for transfers,” says Floyd. But she realized that with mobile phones, these women artisan could receive their profit in the form of mobile money, which they could then withdraw at any of the kiosks quickly expanding in the slums in Africa. In 2011, Floyd along with her co-founders Ella Peinovich and Catherine Mahugu launched e-commerce platform Soko . “We were able to cut out the middle man and create a peer-to-peer direct trade, turning profit into mobile money,” she says. “It’s a way to get the money into the hands of women and when women have money, they get their kids in schools. It’s a ripple effect.” To partner with Soko, the women artisans apply and once accepted, will receive a small microloan to get a smartphone which they will then use to sell and accept payment for their goods. The company currently employs 700 women. Photo of Soko artisans But these mission-inspired companies aren’t just happening overseas in destitute countries. They’re starting in our own neighborhoods all over the country. In the revitalizing city of Detroit, jewelry company Rebel Nell has a dual mission: To help rebuild the city by using graffiti fallen off the numerous decaying buildings to make jewelry and to get women out of shelters. Rebel Nell necklace The idea came to Amy Peterson, an attorney, around two years ago when she was living next to a homeless shelter and had conversations with the women while walking her dog. During these conversations, Peterson learned that many of these women ended up in shelters through situations out of their control.
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