The Most Powerful F Word In Leadership – Forbes

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The events this past week alone has been heartrending and particularly trying for even the strongest or most fair-minded. Though not to the same extent, many businesses and organizations go through tumultuous periods. Leaders often find themselves being tested both professionally and personally. If leadership is a process of bringing a new and generally unwelcome reality to an individual, group, organization, or society and helping them adapt to it, as Dutch Leonard , a professor of public management at Harvard University defines it, then surely there must be something quite apart from ability and experience that gives leaders the edge in difficult times? Also, what exactly is it that enables these leaders to inspire trust, confidence and loyalty in others when the path ahead is unknown and uncertain to even themselves? (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Of course, its a given that they would need to possess self-belief, determination and grit, in spades, but how are they able to sustain it when things fall apart? The answer to these questions came to me, ironically, while swiping through my iPhone. You have to trust in something, Steve Jobs said in his iconic Stanford commencement speech in 2005. Your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.
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